• The Pianist
    Created with Photoshop
  • Houses in the Street
    Created with Illustrator
  • The Bulb
    Created specially for an international competition. Subject : Surrealism . I won the first price
  • The Storm
    Created with Photoshop
  • The Horse
    Created with Illustrator and Photoshop

Nathalie Ribiere is a French-born artist now residing in Sydney, Australia. She is an accomplished photographer, graphic artist, art designer and painter, with more than 30 years experience in multi media formats. Her portfolio is a glimpse at a diverse range of artistic styles, encompassing free-hand art illustrations, computer generated graphics (Illustrator and Photoshop), portraits on oil and acrylics and much more. The subject matter is also very diverse and serves to verify Nathalie's skills in preparing advertising and marketing material as well as personalised art commissions.